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It's 2am, Ari has to be up for work in about 3 hours, I'm down stairs looking at stuff on the Web, the kittens are going mad. I should sleep.

Feeling a bit down, less than 2 days to go and I feel like the hours are rushing by. Feel like I should be making the next couple of days count in some way. Not sure how.

Keep telling myself I can get home, get all the stuff done I need to get done and then jump on the next plane and fly back to Texas ASAP. There's a lot of stuff needs to be done.

Need to see accountant re dad's stuff. You'd of thought if you were renting out your house to pay for your care it would be tax free... Well I'd of thought so anyway.

Need to get the two storage units down to one storage unit.

Need to see my dad.

Need to get my flat sorted, I've had enough of the mess and putting the decorating on hold. Haven't done very much since I lost my mum and dad went into hospital and then care home. I want my sexy bedroom and I want it now!

Also not feeling to good re the ME type boring stuff, not sure why... Haven't been over doing stuff and been pacing myself quite well... I thought.

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