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Packed... well almost.

What was I thinking bringing 4 (count 'em) coats to Texas? About as much use as 4 chocolate teapots.

I'm leaving a pile of stuff, no matter I won't need to bring socks and underpants next time.

Just had a rough count up of the stuff I'm bringing back and I think I'm under the tax free limit... fingers crossed because I ain't got receipts and some of the stuff I brought out with me was made in the USA... Never been stopped but what do they do if you have a grands worth of stuff and you really did buy it in the UK or on your last 2 trips to the US? Or are they more interested in the guy with two new US laptops and the nun with a pound of coke in her habit?

Ari's just left for work, she should only be working 10pm till 5am ish. Wish we could of gone out for a meal on the last night.

Found I've been doing my travelers cheques all wrong today, signing where I should print my name... D'oh!

Tomorrow I will try and get to Fat Fighters, I'm guessing if put on 4lbs... or more. Ari has introduced me to Mexican food. Vegetarian but not vegan... YUM! Oh and I was bad and had some sea food while down at Galveston the other week. I'd never had oysters, they were OK but I don't think I'll bother again. Any how... After Fat Fighters if there's time may pop into a diner then off to the airport. I fly out at 4:30pm arrive at 7:30am on Thursday at Gatwick. Hopefully Ruth of much gothness and glamour will be there to pick me up and carry me to Twickenham in the Ruthy-mobile.

I'm feeling a bit better about going home, not happy about leaving Ari... but I have stuff to do. My plan is sort out stuff then head back asap.

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