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I've been busy

Getting back into the swing of things. My storage unit is nearly ready to start moving my dad's stuff from the other storage unit. This will save £140ish every 4 weeks. In order to make room I've chucked out tons of stuff. The local charity shop has done very well out of me.

Missing Ari but it looks likely she will (may) be over in July not soon enough for me but July isn't so far off in the future as to seem unendurable.

Moses The Goth Cat is off to the vet today for is operation. He's surprisingly low key right now considering I have had to keep him off food since 8pm last night. Cost of operation £700ish.... EEEK! I'll have to stay in with Goth Cat tonight so I don't think I'll be going to the Ivy House.

Also my car need a new exhaust pipe... ARSE! More money.

My main PC monitor (the one I'm looking at right now is going very fuzzy, I've tried degaussing and general fiddling around, I think, for the sake of my eyes, I need a new one. I've been looking a TFTs as they allow far more space for desk clutter as the one on my other desk has proved. Any recommendations for a good one? I was going to get a Samsong as I seem to remember they had a "NO DEAD PIXELS" policy but their Web site doesn't seem to mention this... I wonder how easy it is to get that policy honoured by retailers? It's all very well explaining that the manufacturing process is difficult and a small percentage of screens will have a few dead pixels... but my eye is drawn to them and I find it very distracting. I get a weird seasick effect if there's a stationary object on the screen when watching video, yes even the size of one pixel ... so you can imagine what TV station identity tags (dogs) do to me, I just have to switch off those stations. As a kid I used to get car sick really badly as did my mother, I guess that's why we didn't do the sort of mileage other families did... I digress.

The trip to see Ari did for the diet... see the graph below and spot the Texas Effect between the 19th April and the 17th of May. However I lost 1.5lbs between last Thursday and Tuesday. I hope to have lost the whole 6lbs, I put on while in Texas, by next Tuesday.