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All right all ready! I'll bring you up to date.

OK this is allliz_lowlife & moonmudge's fault (thanks guys.

This may make a few people go "ahhhh I thought something was going on in the world of Rimmell"... or maybe not.

Few weeks ago I go an innocent little chap to Lowlife. Met all to briefly a young lady called Angel and now I find myself all head over heels in love. Yeah there was stuff in between meeting and the falling in love but that's in my private journal RIGHT.

Now I have to leave her and head off to Whitby and stay in a house full of nasty gofffs, well actually they are all very nice gofffs but they ain't Angel.

Can't wait for Lowlife on Thursday, looking forward to that more than Whitby now.... because I'm meeting Angel there :-)

Oh also... Finally managed to say "hi" to Chris from Swarf at the Slimelight on Saturday. Just been nodding at each other up till now.

Right I've got to go finish packing now. Now lets see what I need:

12 bottles of wine, a tin of beans, a pair of clean pants.... Yeah that'll do.

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