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Now where were we, before people started coming up with silly thories?

The email, mentioned in my previous post, was a copy of Ari's booking confirmation. She arrives at Heathrow on Wednesday, July 27th at 10:35pm. Needless to say I become all bouncy.

I've started a count down 44 days to go.

And in other news...

Spent the day over at the storage units. Neil came over to help and we got loads done. Very little left to do and I'll be down to only one unit BIG saving. One year on from the horrible start to all the crap stuff I am nearly sorted out.

Dad being cared for.

House let to pay for above.

Stuff from house stored.

Accountant sorting out the tax situation (still think there should at least be a big tax break for letting your home out to pay for residential care).

Not a bad years work for someone who ain't exactly 100% himself. Of course I didn't do it all by myself, big "Thank You" to friends and family for seeing me through all this.

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