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Over Indulgence (It was all Roger Moore's fault)

Roger came to stay this weekend. We started in fine old style at the White Swan then had a curry.

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am, couldn't get back to sleep, read for an hour then decided to take advantage of the light morning and went out on my bike for an hour. Clocked up 5 miles and came home. Persuaded Roger to go for early breakfast at greasy spoon cafe off TCR then computer fair. Then British Museum, followed by a pint and then the new Batman film. Had to kill time before meeting Louise just wandering around having coffee and looking at technology in TCR. Amazed to see Louise hadn't changed a bit in the 8 years or so since I last saw her. We went to the Princess Louise (which despite the big "we're doing the place up" hasn't changed a jot). Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P turned up later and it was just like the old days.

Sunday had a tad of a hangover (It was all Roger Moore's fault). Ruth came over later and we got out the photo album. So Roger and I could tell her stories of the 1980s and how hair was so much bigger back then. Sunday afternoon Roger and I ended up in another pub for a few pints before he had to head off home. I dozed on the sofa and nearly miss Dr Who. Missed the first 10 mins so was a little confused as to what had happened.

Today (Monday) Went and picked up books to sell to Christina, went for coffee with Christina Got good price for books, which will be turned into US $s for visiting my very significant other. Came home packed up some ebay stuff that sold over the weekend and sent that off.

It's bloody hot here right now and I'm heading for the shower. Tomorrow I have to go to the accountant... That seems a little too much to cope with right now... but it has to be done.

Right now I'd kill for air conditioning.

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