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I have no idea what I'm doing up this time in the morning after last night... Whitby air maybe.

This has ben a bit of a strange Whitby. Once I established Angel wouldn't be able to come I really went off the idea of being here.

Still managed to enjoy myself, just would rather be somewhere else.

Bands last night... Didn't see any of the bands before Manuskript. So I'll have to read Uncle Nemesis's review on Starvox to find out what I missed. What I did see was Manuskript and they were Class! Sharply dressed and most sophistacted. Best act of the weekend (closely followed by Synthetic) really good to see them back again.

Most puzzling act of the weekend. Paradise Lost... Hmm... well the crowd seem to like 'em but... I just stand there thinking "HUH?" just sounded like bog standard pub rock to me. really ordinary stuff. Still they seemed to go down well with the kids... but boy did they seem dull to me.

I headed back half way through the P.L. set wanting to speak to Angel more than I wanted to hear pub rock.

When the rest of the house wake up it will be interesting to hear what they made of 'em.

Thursday night and seeing Angel is a little closer now... Still seems like ages away though :-(

Other strange thing this weekend Whitby Spa cook cocked-up and I got a meat burger and not a vegi one... 22 years of vegetarianism out the window. I didn't notice much beyond thinking "this burger tastes like cardboard". Well if I get new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease I know where it came from ;-) But YUCK! I thought I've eaten a moo cow.

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