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Went to see the letting agents who are dealing with my dad's house yesterday morning. Sorted out a few things with them. Moved on to see my solicitor, who is now instructed to deal with probate. All very worrying due to tax and how it's going to effect me. Seems I may just scrape through this and be no better off and no worse off. Mostly relieved that things are under way and it's another thing ticked off on my big list... Trouble is the solicitor gave me another half a dozen things to do. But as I found last year keeping busy really helps.

I have got the music I wanted for my dad's service. Amazon took less than 24 hours to get one of the CDs to me. Just got to run them by my Uncle to see if he thinks them appropriate. Meeting him for a drink tomorrow so I've put the tracks on my phone and he can listen to them and tell me what he thinks. One may be a little "jolly" for a funeral but I can just hear my dad humming it to himself. Also I don't want this to be a weeping and wailing time, yes it's sad time but I want to celebrate a very jolly man's life. It's a hard balance to get right I guess especially with people from different generations.

Monday, back to solicitor's with more documents.

I am guessing a trip to the accountant will be in the pipeline soon.

I predict more forms.

I just have to can get through the next week I'll be OK. The two things I've most dreaded have happened and I'm dealing with it. Thanks to a wonderful girlfriend, wonderful friends and a wonderful family.

In other news... Ian is coming over on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll get the wireless network up and running here asap then head down the pub.

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