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Still down in Devon. Came down with my uncle on Wednesday. Staying with Nora. Dad's Funeral wasn't too bad. It was a good send of I thought. Good to see the family. I had been dreading it and I did feel really out of my depth. But all in all it was OK. Probably as good as it could of been.

Went for a dip in the sea last night. First time I've been swimming in years. Decided I'd have a go at snorkeling this evening. I haven't been under water in about 15 years. But I felt pretty confident last night so I got a mask and snorkel today.

I dropped my uncle off at the railway station today. Even though I should be used to the "can't do, can't be bothered" attitude of the railways in the UK, they surpassed themselves with their lack of knowledge about Cliff's railcard.

After I saw Cliff off I was going to head over to see about clearing my dad's room at the care home.. Couldn't face it so went down to the harbor to find Nora's dad. Hung out with him watching the boats come and go.

Missing being able to phone Ari. Swapped a couple of emails... Less than 2 weeks until Ari arrives.

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