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Back in London. Came home on Saturday via R.J. in Swindon. Stopped off for a pint and lunch.

Came home to find a ton of post, non of it what various people had promised me. There are a few things holding up probate on my dad's will and no one seems that keen to send these last bits of info to me. Still getting pissed off with the red-tape sort of helps right now.

Can't believe I've lost both parents in just over a year.

Couldn't face clearing my dad's room at the care home, Nora has very kindly offered to move the stuff to her place. This is a God send as it would of really done for me having to empty yet another room of my dad's stuff. I only cleared the house six months ago.

And talking of clearing places. My flat need a bit of a tidy as Ari is arriving in 9 days time. Whilst not a harrowing ordeal, I'm at a bit of a loss where to start.

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