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Long time no write.

Thursday 2nd May
Seemed I got back from Whitby then almost immediately went to Brighton. Went to Low Life, met up with Angel... All very strange after not seeing each other for days and days and then going our separate ways at the end of the night.

Friday 3rd May
Partook of Swarf hospitality and vodka into the wee hours then woke up with hangover from hell. Eventually got it together to head off to see Angel, up the coast in sunny Eastbourne. Crashed out for most of the day then we headed back to Brighton for food and the mighty Psychophile...

Saturday 4th May
Back in London... Picked up Noah from parents. Noah the cat not well :-(

Tuesday 7th May
Noah stays at vets... not looking good. Needs more tests. Samples need to be sent by post will take over 24 hours to get results from lab.

Wednesday 8th May
I take samples to lab 150 miles away myself, can't wait another day. Results arrive at vet just as I do. Really not good news. Have to make decision, do I take him home and he takes days to die or end it there while he's sedated. So I make toughest decision of the decade and he's put to sleep in my arms. There's much crying and generally feeling crap done.

Thursday 9th May
Haven't a clue what I did.

Friday 10th May
Took train to see Angel.

Saturday 11th May
We get up ridiculously early and drive to Essex for historical reenactment traders fair. Retail therapy is tried. Got piles of materials for making costume / garb type stuff so I can strut around and shoot arrows, drink cider and mead, and see a lot more of Angel who is an old hand at this sort of thing.

Which pretty much brings me up to date...

Missing Noah horribly :-( If it wasn't for Angel I'd be a compleat wreck.

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