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Went for dinner at Glam Goth Ruthy's last night, and jolly nice it was too. Got her PC to boot-up again but it required major reinstall. Trouble is I haven't kept any Wind'oh!s 98 stuff so I'm not much help when it comes to old time CD-ROMs. bohogoth Came along too, must do beers with him soon and chat some more about Russian films.

Wanted to pop over and see piercedandproud today, however he seems to be out and his mobile goes to voice mail... If you're reading this, GIVE ME A CALL please.

Probate paperwork I've asked various people for is slowly trickling in. Only 2 more pieces of paper and I should be able to send it all off. Hmmmm.... Just remembered the accountant said he'd need to send me something to sign then I'd have to send it back and he'd then be able to do something else (probable go on holiday, can't remember), then I'd get the tax information to send to the solicitor... ARSE! I just want this sorted so I can get to see Ari in September.

Right now I should be sorting out and clearing up the bedroom, bathroom or living room. I have spent half the day sorting out the (inappropriately named) wireless network. Got it working but I really don't want the USB adapter where it seems to have to be to pick up the signal from my router... I can pick up a signal from one of my neighbor's router fine and it's un-secured, but I want to use mine!

Think I'll use the excuse of posting a couple of DVDs to Nora as an excuse to go down the cafe.

Magazines have arrived for my dad, this is a little upsetting. I'll be pleased when the subscriptions have run out. At least this time I didn't go to put them to one side to take down to him.

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