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Where have I been since May?

Ooooo... Loads of catching up to do. Briefly:

Mum's still fighting liver cancer. Had chemotherapy and now waiting for a date for first of two operations.

Angel has moved in with me.... Weeee.....! All a bit cramped in the flat but that's because I've closed off the living room while I build new cupboards and bookcases. Tried explaining what I wanted to 3 different carpenters who didn't seem to be able to get their heads around the concept. Decided to build 'em myself. Could take months to finish but at least I get what I want.

Beetle has new performance exhaust fitted and goes like shite off a Teflon shovel. A tad frightening as it only has lap belts.

Hear mp3 Raven before and after sounds

I'm sure there's loads more it's been three months! I must have done something else. I'll get back to you on that.

Tonight we're off to Gossips for some classical goff. Would prefer stomping 2002 bleep tunes but it's more about friends meeting up than what's playing.

And right now I'm off to try and catch Christina at home as I haven't seen her in weeks.

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