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A much longer job than I expected.

A much stripped down version of the Rimmell network is now installed in my bedroom, only 2 PCs! How will I manage with only 2? The living room looks like a bomb has gone off in it, but I think I'm making progress. They never take this long to clear the rooms in "Changing Rooms". I think I'm at that stage where it looks worse than when I started. I hope this is worth it.

Noah cat is all very confused by the upheaval. However he seems to have found a shelf next to the storage heater and is dozing there.

Briefly popped round to see Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P tonight. Swapped some real money for some U.S. stuff that I needed for an ebay purchase (another Edna May postcard) because the seller doesn't do the paypal thing. Anyway talked with Bunny P about this and that, Played with cats, drank coffee, came home.

Friend emailed me tonight to say he split with his girlfriend. Tried to ring him but... I've lost my address book. Emailed back requesting numbers.

I'm going to a seminar on Oscar Wilde and Sarah Bernhardt tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Thursday I may go for a drink or two at "Vampyre Connexion"... I worry about their spelling and why they never talk about vampires.

And so to bed.

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