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Went to the computer fairs today. Met ian of much wyrdness in the cafe, I was good and only had beans on toast. I only went to look at a few things and I needed an electric pig, but ended up getting two... They are really cute and their snouts light up (how cool is that?). We are getting ver predictable and ended up in the bookstore for cool drinks but broke out of our usual Saturday rut by going to the 3rd computer fair we usually don't go to.

Go an underwater camera on the off chance it will be nice weather down on Devon next week. If it's too cold to go in the sea I can try and get a few shots of the dogs in the water.

Went for a quick pint at the Blue Posts... Why don't they do Taddy Porter?

Ian headed home and I went to Treadwells via Forbidden Planet. Saw Christina and tried to book her for a coffee some time.

Came home phoned Ari, went to sleep for a while, then phoned Ari again.

Boiled some bits of chicken for Moses, thought there was probably a little too much but he ate it all... In less time it took for me to cut up. Washed my hands 3 times and I still smell of boiled chicken.

Going to the NFT tomorrow to see Steamboy.. More Japanese Animation but this time of a steam punk big budget type.