Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Uncle Nemesis the DIY God.

Uncle Nemesis and Andi came round last night to pick out some wood for his construction project at home. I'm chucking out the wood because I need to clear the flat.

I took them home and the pile of wood and I was amazed to see how much progress Unx has made on his front room. He has put up sound proof (resistant) material on the partition wall, drylined this. Plaster board has gone up everywhere it's looking good. He has also had new wooden sash windows put in up stairs as well as the ones down stairs.. So the front of the house is looking very good, probably best it's looked since it was built. I wonder what the neighbours think... The rest of the street seem to favour the UPVC and hide the brick at all costs look to their houses and the concreat look for the front garden.

Unx has also wired the house for sound, speaker sockets all round. It's astounding what you can get done if you don't have a TV.