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Back from Sword Fest

Went down to Devon on Wednesday. Stayed with Nora and family. Which was as lively as usual. Went snorkeling on Thursday evening. Grazed my leg and foot on some underwater pipe. Relieved to say it's healing well.

Friday I headed down to Cornwall For Sword Fest. This is 3 days of Bronze Age fun making bronze swords, talks on the Bronze Age and 2 nights of heavy drinking and fireside ballads. Good mix of people from UK, Ireland, Netherlands, and USA. Also special guest appearance (all the way from Denmark) of Anni Brøgger. Talks by Simon Timberlake ancient mining expert (as in expert in ancient mines not a very old mine expert) and Martyn Barber (Bronze in the Bronze Age).

I didn't take as many photos as I would of liked as I spent more time behind the video camera. The video footage should be on the Bronze Age Craft Web Site in the near future.

This is the largest of the 3 roundhouses on the site.

The view from my tent.

Guy tending the fire in the roundhouse.

I think Paul had us singing a Dutch rugby song at this point.
Things did get a little fuzzy around the edges as the night went on.

Not a very good photo of my sword.
Needs a lot more finishing... But like I said I was mostly videoing the weekend.

Wonderful weekend. I was sorry to have to leave, especially as a few people were staying on one more night... However I needed to get back and wanted to phone Ari. The drive back took nearly twice as long as it should of done. There was a car crash at Stonehenge on the A303 and a 5 mile tailback that took an hour to get past... Then the traffic just got worse and worse.

Tomorrow the car goes in for MOT, then I go to Fat Fighters, then an afternoon in London, then off to The Jerusalem Tavern with Ian.