Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Clatter, clatter, BANG! weeeeezzzzzzzzz

I'll type it again... "Clatter, clatter, BANG! weeeeezzzzzzzzz" but we'll come to that later.

Last couple of days before I go to Texas and I'm running around like that blue arsed fly people talk about. Rushed over to Uncle Nemesis last night to administer last rites to his C:\drive.... "It's dead Jim".

On the way home I thought I'd get the cat of doom some food and litter. No chance there's a queue of cars waiting for petrol. How clever of Tesco to have a car park that you can't get into if there's a queue for petrol. Well I got to feel all smug as I was 24 hours ahead of this panic and filled up the night before. US citizens beware... Do not try and tell me how expensive gas is in the US right now, because I paid about $7.29 a gallon on Sunday night. I only know of one thing that is cheaper in the UK than the USA, custard cream biscuits.

Went to Fat Fighters this morning. Lost 2lb, the same 2lb I put on last week I guess.

Back to the "clatter, clatter, BANG! weeeeezzzzzzzzz".
I was just doing some laundry. I think my washing machine just died. OK "no problem" I think. Call the service people I pay £100 a year to and they will come fix it. Well cut a long story short, they are coming tomorrow, but not until I had to "press 1 for a new enquiry", press 2 for a washing machine", give my policy number to 3 different people who all suffered from dyscalculia (good word that), then have to give 16 digit authorization code to someone who then gives me a third telephone number to call. All this is designed to make me say "SOD THIS!" and go and buy a new washing machine. Well I won because I stuck out the course and only banged my head on the desk a couple of times.

Brick walls.
I'm not happy about my new wall. I've called the managing agent and he says he'll "take a look" which is English for "couldn't give a toss". It's like this... 20 years ago the managing agents said they would fix the walls around my garden. Now they've finally done it all looks well with every other flat in my block but mine they've cut corners, literally in one case and in the other they just finished off the wall the quickest way they could. It looks so crap. I guess the managing agent will say "it looks OK to me" which is English for "I still couldn't give a toss". I think the easiest thing to do is get Uncle Nemesis over to knock down the top layer of bricks and the odd corner then rebuild it properly. It really comes to something when you have to call in the Goth Squad to make good some basic brickwork.

And in other news...
Inland Revenue sent me yet another form. Which I couldn't fill in because one of their questions was "when was probate granted or when do you expect it to be granted" or something along those lines. Funny thing is I can't proceed with probate until this form is dealt with and the Inland Revenue have sent me a certificate of tax paid. Took 2 days of calling to get though to them and find out what I should put. They said (after some deliberation while I was on hold) that I could just leave that blank... "Yeah right!" I thought, so I wrote a couple of lies explaining why I had left it blank and that I had call the help-line and they had told me to leave it blank... But I guess I will still get another 2 forms from them as it seems each form I send off causes 2 more to be sent out.

All in all a good week, no one I know has died, the Great British Can't Do Attitude is alive and well and I am off to Texas on Thursday