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Texas Update

Ari was up at 4 am this morning and off to work until 9 ish. She was home at least 3 hours early. She's sleeping right now. I'm going to check in at a Texas Fight Fighters at midday, then we'll go for lunch somewhere. Found a good salad place yesterday, one of those all you can eat for $5.99.

I note my letting agents STILL haven't paid me this month's money. 3rd month in a row that they have cocked up. I'm trying not to let this worry me... but it is. I may have to dump them.

I'm getting hungry, but don't want to add any extra pounds before Texas Fight Fighters.

Later this week we hope to be renting a cabin by the lake for a couple of days, apparently it's good for a spot of snorkeling there.

Oh... BTW if Uncle Nemesis is reading this... How is Moses?