Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Ari was at work early this morning, leaving the house around 4am. I got up much later and wandered down to the store, found Ari and told her I'd be in the coffee shop across the car park from the store. Even though it was early it was already getting warm. I had a ice coffee and settled down for the call to the letting agent. Third month payment has been late and a third excuse. So here they are in order

July. They had the wrong account number.
August. They lost my file
September. Mark wasn't there to approve the payments.

My mobil was adding a weird echo during my call to the letting agent. I was trying to get my point over clearly and all I could hear was my voice coming back to me a second later... Very distracting.

Tomorrow we are heading south to the lake... Just a couple of days there then we head back. We should be well clear of head of the latest hurricane currently misbehaving in the Gulf of Mexico.

Good new on the beer front. Found Taddy Porter in a store here... for only 1.50 UK pounds. Only trouble is I've been to Fat Fighters here and already put on a couple of pounds.