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Rita is comng to visit

The weather people are getting pretty excited about the latest hurricane. Ari informs me we are too far inland for anything spectacular.

Ari is at work again. The cats have been in and out all night and so has Molly Dog.

One week left of this visit.

My bed time reading right now is Fiance & Marriage Visas A Couple's Guide to U.S. Immigration. And it's doing my head in... There are going to be questions on forms that I won't be able to answer. I have no idea all the to and from dates I lived places since I was 16. Also it seems I haven't had an education... at least that's how one question leaves me feeling. Another question asks about employment. Are they gong to fail me because I retired in my 30s? Are they going to fail me because I don't know when I was living here and there? I'm filling out these forms in my head and I don't think I score very high. I hate forms.

Another weird thing is U.S. .gov seems to be overly concerned that Ari will be able to afford to keep me. I can manage that on my own money thank you very much... I hope I'm not going to fall into some sort of gap between some very narrow pigeon holes. Not even sure if I am allowed to have a green card and run a business in the UK.