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Can't load the dishwasher. Have to unload it first and I'm making too much noise, don't want to wake Ari.

So I'll write about yesterday's trip to Home Depot... It left me feeling like I'd had my balls cut off. I like to think I'm pretty good at DIY. Ari wanted to patch some holes in the garage wall. "No problem" I thought "I know what to get..." Didn't recognise any of the products. Even plasterboard is called something else here. All I wanted was filler. They had stuff but it seemed to need 2 other products to be able to do one hole. Can you get Pollyfiller in the USA? It was so strange being so out of my depth in such a familiar job. I may have to pack a tub of Homebase filler next time I come over.

I think I'll have to get a UK to USA builders translation dictionary (if there is such a thing). Otherwise I'll have to read up on even the basic stuff just to find out what they call the materials and even some of the tools here.