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Not long until I have to go home. Two weeks 2 days have flown by.

I had two strange dreams last night. The first one was a nightmare with lots of strange symbolism. I was with Ari looking around an old mansion or country house. In the grounds was a mausoleum. It was a new one and only a few tombs had been built... One tomb was my father's grave it didn't have a finished monument as yet only a photoshopped one (weird I know but that's what it was) a representation of a suitcase in stone but it looked like a cardboard cut out.. We headed back to the big house I had Ari's dog on a lead and we went through the mansion. There was a sort of maze of display boards to get out. I was rushing through to get out before I got caught with a dog in the house. I waited outside for Ari to catch up. But she didn't come. I looked back into the house through a gap under the wall and let Molly go through on while I held on to her lead. There was a commotion from some of the guides (all young girls) they were saying someone had been taken ill, or attacked in the maze. The maze had now become an underground labyrinth and Molly was straining at the lead to get to Ari. I went in and one of the guides (this is where it get really strange) showed me her left breast. I pushed past her saying "Yeah like I really need to see that right now". I called back for some one to call 911. The guides were all flustered and saying "she was just staring straight a head". At this point I forced myself to wake-up.

This morning I had another dream this one was OK. I was back at my flat, looking around the garden. Some bloke had come to cut the grass, he had a big sit-on lawnmower (way too big to do my small garden). I was arguing with him, telling him I did the lawn myself. Then I heard my mum around the front of the flat in the street. I went round to find her. She was there, much younger than I ever knew her. We talked and she was asking me if I had sorted out all the tax stuff re my dad's death. I was reassuring her everything was in hand. I asked her what it was like on the other-side. She said it wasn't the worst thing that had happened to her.