Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Home Again

When I look around the other passengers on the plane they are all pretty still and relaxed... apart from those around me. Why do I get the ones who fidget and bounce about in their chairs. One day I'm going to flip and go all air rage when someone's kicked me in the back for the 100th time or is thrashing about in the chair in front of me like they are having electro convulsive therapy. I didn't have a good flight.

But worse was yet to come....

Then I have to suffer the vagaries of the great British public transport system. This time I thought arriving on a Sunday would avoid all the trouble of trying to get between platforms in the rush hour at Clapham Junction whilst carrying bags... However The GBPTS had another trick up it's sleeve the classic "replacement bus service". Now I know they have to maintain the track but if you are going to provide a replacement bus service you'd of thought you have someone there to tell passengers where to get the bus or an announcement as the train pulls in or put up a sign... No such luck. So at Barns station we have people running back and forth across a road asking bus drivers where the replacement buses are. Fiasco time. What sort of impression does this give to visitors to the UK?

In the end I get home... I am bruised, battered, ache all over (mostly from getting bag up stairs, down stairs across roads, back across some road twice, then onto and off replacement bus service). I wonder if I can air freight my luggage door to door in future? I was very pleased to eventually get home only because of the typical half arsed approach to public transport... I really did wonder if I was ever going to get home. OK it's nice to see Moses... but I'd rather not have to keep saying goodbye to Ari, it seems we are parting more often that meeting... Which is imposable... but that's how it seems.

Tried to stay awake... Thought I'd stay up till 9 ish tonight then slip back into UK time... No such luck, I was asleep by midday. Got up around 8ish feeling worse than when I went to bed.

Just want to phone Ari... but she seems to be out right now.... So if you're reading this Ari "hi honey I'm home. Wish I hadn't had to leave. Hope you can make it over for Whitby.