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Got quite a bit done today. I went over to Staines and found what I was after for my cousin's birthday. Came home and took a ton of stuff to the launderette, my washing machine is dead but more about that later. Then went to the dentist for my 1:30 appointment with the hygienist... Only to find there was a note on the door saying they were closed for lunch until 2pm, under this note was a second note just for me instructing me to push the door. Cool I get my own note.

Came home to find the builders were back. Good they are going to sort out the crap work, thought I. I was very good and didn't go out there and point out all the things they had got wrong... They have their instructions from a higher power and I don't want a brick through my window if they think it was me who don't like their work. Well they've gone and it's "close but no coconut" as the saying goes. It still looks like Laurel and Hardy have had a go at bricklaying out there.

However there is good news
I have used my special powers* to get a new washing machine. The old one died before I went away. The estimate was nearly as much as a new machine so the extended insurance people have written off the old one and paid for a new one.... RAH! A quick estimate on the 3 years premiums I've paid and I make it I'm £250 up on the deal without the two free repairs I've had done on the old machine.

Oh and my hygienist marked me down on my card as having very good oral hygiene. I think there should be a scale ranging from "Kissing Clean" down to "Bio Hazard".

I have Friday clear for flat clearing, prior to the big push into the spare bedroom. Big push because you need to give the door a big push to get it open. I kid ye not. I have to get it clear by the 20th as R.J. and Emma are staying.

Haven't heard from Ari for nearly 30 hours. After 18 hours off my radar screen I'd convinced myself of all sorts of terrible things that could of happened to her. I've had an email and aliens haven't kidnapped her and Texas didn't get a swarm of killer flying fish, neither did she get arrested for having too many cats in the city limits.

And nearly finally...
Moses the cat weighs 14lbs.

So to the tune of Top Cat

Fat Cat
The most effectual Fat Cat
Who's intellectual close friends get to call him Y.F.B.
Providing it's with dignity
Fat Cat
The indisputable leader of the gang
He's so fat
He's so large
He's a championship lard-arse
He's the most tip top - Fat Cat.

Oh and why can't I get the song "Con Te Partiro" out of my head?

*I must develop my special powers to enable me to get other things. At the moment I'm pretty much limited to getting parking spaces with my special powers. I have a couple of other things I can do with my special powers but I fear if I tell too many people about them, powers would cease. And you think I'm just trying to be funny. This is all real stuff that goes on in the mind of Rimmell.