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Stuff done, back hurts, and possible good news...

Meet Unx and Ian for boys breakfast and computer fair. Unx even geeked out and got some memory cards and an electric pig. I got him a HDD for looking after Moses while I was in Texas and another electric pig for on of Ari's friends mum who collects pigs not just the electric kind.

Saturday afternoon / evening was cool. Went to my cousin Terri's birthday. I want say how old she was but she looks a lot younger to me. It was good to see the family and was especially pleased to see Colin so we could talk about boats. I can't wait to see his new one. Unfortunately I had to leave the party after only about 5 hours which flew by and there were people arriving as I left but I'd been up since 4ish. Didn't really get a chance to talk to Terri but Kevan invited me over for lunch some time so I hope Ari and I can get over and see them when she is next in the UK.

Spent Sunday working on Uncle Nemesis's PC. The HDD had taken a bit of a hit and after replacing it I spent hours and hours reinstalling WinD'oh!s XP, then all the software Unx uses. Tried recovering stuff from the old HDD but it's too far gone, although I will put it into the hospital at home and see what can be saved.

Came home and was in bed by 7:30 I think. I'm still a bit jet-lagged. I thought I'd set the alarm clock for 10 to get up and talk to Ari but I may have switched it off in my sleep. I woke up at 7 this morning to find a message from Ari... Looks like there's a chance she will be over for THREE WEEKS so that will be one week for Whitby and two beyond... YAY! I just hope this doesn't cause any financial problems or hassles with work for her. I must not be selfish and demand her company if it's going to cause any botheration, complications, or dilemmas in Texas.

Today is day one of the Big Push into clutter held territory. Right now my back hurts and I don't much feel like going into unarmed combat with all the junk in the bedroom. Maybe I'll go to the bank first.

I need to set aside one day to put all the bits of computer I have here into one good PC for Ruth of Gothness. That will get rid of some clutter and give Ruth a PC that will do a bit more a little quicker.

I think I'll take a wander up the cafe then head for the bank... I need some Euros for some German guy without paypay any how.