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I really should be getting on with the bedroom, but my back hurts and I need a rest. So while a take a break I'll write about my dream last night.

I was back at work for BT. I was involved with a big underground project. My team was going deeper and deeper under London. Finally we came to a small shaft sort of clover leafed in shape. Engineers were jumping down the shaft, it was a very tight fit. I really didn't want to jump down the shaft. I was sure I'd get stuck with my arms pined to my sides unable to move. So I stood at the top.... Cut to next weird bit. There was an alien using mind control on me. I was trying to fight it (it was like trying to move through thick treacle). I managed to get my hand to a hip holster I had on and pulled a gun. I emptied it into the alien but he just stood there. Next I pulled out a very big knife and fighting by sheer will power managed to get up to him and began slicing into his neck. It was only when I had nearly severed his head that he died and I was free to move normally.

Time to put my psychoanalyst on danger money I guess.