Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Just been painting the living room ceiling to the accompaniment of the news on Radio 4.

Doom, disaster, war...

Sold my second car last week. Thinking about doing with out one altogether. A few years ago... quite a few years ago, I worked out I could do without all the encumbrances of modern life. Then I got into computers... and gadgets became fun. I'm still thinking about changing my lifestyle You know the thing, small cottage in the middle of nowhere electricity supplied by windmill, dropout and totally stop conforming. We all conform, work, tax, rent, mortgage... I think I'm having my "Tom Good" moment a year late.

Trouble is I'm thinking all while starting to feel very comfortable in London. It would also help if I hadn't inherited the collectors gene from my father. I don't need all this stuff! And all desire brings misery.

So if you see me in Whitby next week gazing into my pint, I'm probably thinking about brewing my own beer and running a computer network on wind power.

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