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I should be clearing the bedroom but I can't face it until I've had a coffee... so while the kettle boils.

Walked to Richmond this morning. Dropped off as much as I could carry to the charity shop. Went to get 30 Euros for the German guy with out paypal. Changed the pin number on my new credit card to something more memorable (I think I've already forgotten it). Went to Fat Fighters and I've lost 5.5lbs of the 9lbs I put on in Texas. Picked up my new glasses (yay! I can read again).

Just printed out a load of notes for the meeting about the boundary walls tomorrow.

Here's the list:

Capping half bricks not replaced on entrance to 9, 10 &11 (now done)

Capping bricks  (replaced too high) on 11. (should of removed one course before setting capping half bricks as the did for 9 and 10)

Extremely sloppy workmanship on section in Amyand Park Gardens.
"Worst job I've seen that hasn't been a DIY cock-up... Actually it's worse than some of the DIY jobs I've seen". Courses don't line up with original brickwork. Only attempted to sort out on the last couple of courses. The capping isn't level and slopes down towards the road. Leftover mortar dumped in garden. They need to demolish to just below pavement, then get the level correct there at the bottom! Get the footing right then you only need to make small adjustments in each course and hay presto the capping bricks will be level... It's not rocket science ;-)

Pillar on left hand side (as facing front door) not replaced on entrance to number 9 So the entrance looks lopsided now. You can see the remaining brickwork for the pillar behind the new section of wall. In order to get the boundary wall capping level with that of the wall to the left had side of the steps they have dipped the boundary wall. There was no need to do this if they had done it properly in the first place!

Two types of mortar used at random.

Half brick seemingly stuffed in the back as after thought on left hand pillar to car park entrance.

Decorative tile insets. It would of been nice to see these replaced instead of just a half brick substitute.

A couple of points for the managing agent.

The owners have gone to the expense of having all the same windows fitted to keep the overall consistency. we don't want to lose that by degrees each time any maintenance work is  carried out.

We've had too many bad jobs done in the past. Running paint. Walls demolished by painters truck, plastic down pipes painted and damaged by the paint.

So the question is ... Will they say "yeah you're quite right we'll re do all the walls you've pointed out" or will it be the typical "don't know what yer on about that looks fine ta me"