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Wobbly Walls of Doom

This morning is D-day for the walls. I was feeling pretty confident yesterday but now I'm dreading this... Well I was dreading it yesterday but I felt I could get over the message without A. being sarcastic, B swearing, C doing an impersonation of Victor Meldrew.

I wish Id thought of sending photos and diagrams to the managing agent so he's up to speed and possibly on my side before we even start the meeting.

I've cleared some space amongst all the tools in the big bedroom for R.J. and Emma to sleep. I could only get one step into the room before I started. My car is full of junk ready to go to the dump.

Also started to spray paint the plastic parts of the big PC I've been building. I'm using Halfords bumper black and it's wonderful for painting plastic. It's more of a dye than a paint and the finish is excellent. All the metal parts are going to be black VHT Wrinkle Plus coating, the sort of paint used on classic car engines. There's a bit of fabrication to be done on the panels first. I also need to strip down some components like the fan and light controller to paint that black. Then I also need to replace a few LEDs in some of the components to green to match the black and green theme of the PC. I wonder if an optical mouse can work with a green LED?

I think I'll have a shower then go down the cafe.