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Oh God what a day!

Went out for beer and curry with Angel and Ian last night.

Woke up feeling a little fragile, but not too bad. Decided a coffee and some sanding down of woodwork would help things. NO SUCH LUCK! Within half an hour I'm vomiting and much worse from the other end. I knew that last pint tasted a bit off. So I've been shivering in bed all day, with the odd trip to the bathroom. I'm never going to drink again... well until Whitby anyway.

Angel comes home all upset and ready to remove limbs from torsos. Some bunch of removal cowboys have bumped her car out of the what presumably they considered "their way". At least £300 of damage is done! And of course they deny all knowledge of damage. Despite all this hassle Angel still finds time to get me sweets to take away taste of sick and flat coke to settle my tummy, she swears by it and strangely it seems to be working. Must get better for Sunday when we take Auntie Ray out.

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