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Today... so far.

I got up. Talked to Ari. She's not feeling too good right now and is awaiting results and stuff. However she has told her work she will be off for Whitby. Yay! I just hope the doctors work out what's wrong with her and fix her PDQ. I'm getting more than a little worried about this.

Following the walls victory (it ain't over until they've done it) I'm feeling a bit of a git for complaining. The new walls are crap and I am paying about £1000 per year into the maintenance account for it. So I really think I get a say if I'm not happy with the work. Trouble is the builder was so nice about it and has agreed to re do the walls without much of a fight. So now I'm feeling like Mr Fussy Old Git.

I went over to the storage unit of doom this morning. Wow! I forgot how much crap I have. OK half of it is what I inherited from my dad but.. Fuck! There's tons of it. Well now there's about a ton less. Took a car load of old VW mags to the paper bank. Took a pile of old PCs and one Mac to the dump. Pity about the Mac but it fell off the top shelf nearly killing me as I was moving other stuff. If it had hit my head (it missed by inches) that would of been that. Would of been amusing though as I'm not very keen on Macs.

Took apart a shelving unit and plan to assemble that in the big bedroom later tonight. The bedroom is going to be my sorting and packing zone for ebaying all the stuff that may actually bring in a bob or two.

Just been to the launderette, still no sign of my new (free) washing machine. I'm betting that'll turn up just as I'm about to go to Whitby.

I have run out of black plastic paint. But I think I've painted all the plastic parts now. The PC front is looking very black.

Right I'm going to put the shelving unit together.