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The Weekend Starts here...

This is going to be a busy weekend. I'm not sure I'm feeling up to it. Ian's stag night tonight. Tomorrow I'm bestmaning it at the ceromany of hitching. Then Sunday we're off to the pub with no beer (The Dev) to celebrate the first 40 years of Pierced & Proud.

Just thinking about it makes me knackered.

I think I'll head into London early today. Take a wander around TCR area and may go see a film or look at stuff in the British Museum.

I think I'm on a bit of a roll clearing out my flat and storage unit wise, even though I just want to curl-up and sleep most of the time. My mind seems to be in the "just chuck it, or donate it to charity" mode. It will be nice to get it down to the point where I can give up the storage unit and save £180 very 4 weeks. I will be visiting the dump and charity shop to drop off stuff next week. Also plan to get another shelving unit out of the storage unit and into the bedroom.

All being well Ari will be booking a flight later today. Yay! Ariaga will be coming over for Whitby! She's staying for 3 weeks.