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Pagan Handfasting Action

Developed a bit of a gyppy tummy this morning. I was a bit concerned I'd picked it up at the Chinese restaurant last night. But as Ian was OK so my guess it was the sandwich I found at the back of the fridge. This would of been bad on any other day but today was Gemma and Ian's handfasting.

It was an excellent day. The ritual was really good and even the non-craft people seemed to engage with it. The setting was perfect a little grove of yew trees in the gardens of Avenue House.

I was very impressed with Ian's outfit and Gemma's gown was stunning.

After the ceremony and many photos we withdrew from the garden to the drawing room in the house for feasting with much honey porter and mead (but not for me as I was driving).

Here is the happy couple about to do serious damage to a very tasty chocolate cake.

I am sure a few more photographs of The handfasting of the year will be gracing the Web in the next few days.