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I am onions....

I can breath again. Made a batch of tomato, onion and garlic soup.

I've been to Fat Fighters. Stayed the same weight as last week. Not bad after the stag night and wedding... But I guess I have being ill to thank for maintaining the balance.

The Builders are outside. I'm not sure what's going on but I don't think I should go and look until they've finished.

I'm thinking of sacking the letting agents who are late again with the rent. Only thing is I want a buffer zone between me and the tenants. I really don't want to have to go into my parent's house. I especially don't want to see other people's belongings in there, it would be too weird. So do I resign myself to the fact I will have to phone the letting agents EVERY month to jolly them along or do I say enough is enough?

And my nose is blocked again. That didn't last long... LOL