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I still feel crap but better than yesterday.

Ari has sent me a brief message on Yahoo messenger that has me worried.

I can't get hold of the lady with the key for our cottage in Whitby... This always happens One time I just happened to meet the lady on the doorstep of the cottage I rented and she said "you really should of phone and let me know when you were arriving". I said I'd been call for a week and leaving messages. She asked what number... It was an old number, so I'd been leaving more and more panicky messages that didn't mean anything to the owner of the answer phone in question.

I want to go to the beer fest tomorrow... Not sure if I'm feeling up to it yet. I'll let everyone know tomorrow.

I'm just off to the launderette. I think I'll check out the quality of the second attempt of building the new sections of wall around my garden. Will it be any better?