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Walls OK.. Me getting better..

I didn't know the builders were still working outside. I bumped into them on the way to the launderette. They were keen to show me the new sections of wall. I was pretty much ready to say positive things about the walls whatever they looked like, mostly because I was standing between two big Eastern European builders. But I didn't have to lie the walls look much better. They've even found the missing tile decorative course... Or did they nick it from one of my neighbours, probably best if I don't look too hard at the other entrances for a while.

I'm feeling a bit better. Did washing, had something to eat at the cafe. Need to copy a book that arrived yesterday. It's an 1870's fold out book of prints from around Whitby. If I have time I want to photograph some of the scenes as they are today. See if I can overlay them in photoshop then dissolve between the two in flash... Like I don't have enough to do already?

Had very strange dream this morning. I was dreaming in binary (Japanese binary!) I had to match up data sets and it was a life or death situation. I guess this is what come from watching Ghost In The Shell all night.

I wish I could get it together to go and get another shelving unit out of storage. But just going and doing the washing has taken it out of me.

Right now I'm pretty pissed off with the BBC. Seems there's a new costume drama (Bleak House) on the way to our screens. Now the traditional time and place for costume drama is Sunday night for one hour. But it seems some marketing Johnny has come up with the idea of selling Dickens as a soap... So it's going out (after a one hour pilot) in half hour week night slots. This is the worst idea the BBC has come up with since they took off the Magic Roundabout / The Wombels / Captain Pugwash / Rhubarb and Custard / The Clangers... before the 5:45pm news.... If anyone wants me I'll be in the growlery*.

*If this one sort of passes you by... I'll happily explain over a pint at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, just as soon as I get out of Chancery.