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Because I don't really feel up to doing anything else...

I've been a user of for some time now. Bloody good website. I've been looking at the feature search on the site and thought it didn't really help me in my quest for the perfect London pub. I asked if they would consider adding the option to search for pubs listed without TV or music. This train of thought started with a post by indigo_violet yesterday... and has been nagging away at me. I simply hate televisions in pubs and for the most part (99.999999%) dislike the music played in pubs. I go to pubs for the beer, to talk to friends, make new ones and for the beer. I don't go there to watch 22 over paid morons kick a ball about on TV or listen to the bar staff's CDs...

Well it seems are a little reticent about the idea of a NOT search, they think it could be a little negative. I was thinking of suggesting the phrase Free from T.V. and Free from music... Then it hit me I can use google advance search if they put all the pubs in the same directory, I checked, they do. So... type

-sky -tv -music

into google

and you get a list of pubs with no sky TV, no TV, and no music... or do you? So long as the listing is correct, the landlord hasn't just installed a 6 foot screen so his punters can watch blokes in shorts spitting on turf (seems to be a lot of that when ever I happen to see football)... Anyone care to try this on google and see if a pub they know to have the goggle box and piped musak appears on the resulting list?