Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I'm still not 100%

I just wrote a long list of reasons for blowing out the beer fest tonight.. then thought "Fuck it! I want to see my friends" so I've deleted the post and this is the new one.

All systems are go for beer fest tonight. I may just be drinking a little slower than usual.

See you all at York House, Twickenham.

Unfortunately I do have a couple of things to do today that won't wait. Then it's back to the sofa wrapped in a warm duvet topped off with a warm cat, until the beer fest.

In other news...

One of the things I was worried about turned out OK. Ari told me her firm were closing 26 of their stores (not her one it turned out) and good news is they are opening 2 in areas we've looked at houses in. So that could work out rather well.

One major thing worrying me. Can't go into it, but it's why I'm feeling gloomy. A friend needs some good news and I hope it comes today. Can't say more, hope you'll understand if I was vague about my mood.