Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I survived Whitby... Well almost.

Almost back to normal... Came back from Whitby and promptly came down with some bug. Angel managed to turn her bug into bronchitis and is still a poor suffering bunny. Mostly suffering me being cranky about all my aches and pains.

Missed out on more BBC filming because of ill health... PAH!

Living room (nearly a year in progress) set back another week due to all this sickness. However starting to get back into the swing.

My main PC took a dive as soon as we got back and has been the subject of a full Windoz reinstall.

Haven't seen Uncle Nem and Bunny P. since they left the cottage in Whitby, once again due to not feeling much like going anywhere.

We did head out to the Devonshire Arms for beers last Sunday, a case of cabin fever was narrowly averted by that trip.

Fred cat (our new, old cat) also took ill with nasty gums... and cost £340 to have treatment. Fans of Fred will be pleased to hear his appetite returned five seconds after returning home despite have just had 9 teeth out a few hours before. I think it was money well spent as he seems a lot happier.

Oh yes and... Funny phone call of the night award goes to... Oh I'll save him any embarrassment...No I won't Marc.
This is how it went.
Marc "hello Mark it's Marc here"
Me "hello"
Marc "What do I need to do before reformatting a hard drive and reinstalling Windows?"
Me "Make sure you have all the files backed up, drivers and software discs to hand, I guess. Why?
Marc "Oh... shouldn't it format around the drivers"
Me "No it will wipe everything on the drive"
Marc "Oh ****!"

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