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Uggh! Too much beer on top of a cold.

Thursday we were at the beer fest. Knocking back all sorts of dark ales. Those in attendance were:


And I can't remember a blessed thing we talked about.

Friday meet up with bohogoth for birthday lunchtime comedy at Ronnie Scotts. Ridiculous funny show for a Friday lunchtime, it's called It's Been a Bad Week and went out on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday lunchtime. Also got to met Rommie (Sorry if that's not haw you spell Rommie). I heard her name mentioned in the Surbiton goff circle but pretty sure we haven't met before.

After the show met up with R.J. and Emma. R.J. was on a mission to find the latest volumes of Mitsukazu Mihara's Doll, so after a trek around several London bookshops... We ended up in The Museum Tavern. The plan was have a few drinks there then go back to Twickenham for the beer fest... We ended up staying in the pub.

Came home R.J. and Emma crashed out on the new inflatable mattress, tested the night before by ian_wyrdness. R.J. was slightly concerned about sleeping on anything inflatable as he'd heard stories of people being washed out to sea on them. Having reassured him. I phoned Ari for a while then passed out.

Saturday. I got up early and went to the computer fair. Then met R.J. and Emma in the British Museum. The plan was to go see all the splendid Persian stuff on loan from Iran... But the timed tickets weren't going to get us in until we were supposed to be in the pub meeting Alan... So we blew that out and wandered around the permanent galleries until it was time to head back to the Museum Tavern. Where we met Alan and later on Uncle Nemesis and Andi turned up.

I think around 6 I had, had enough beer and staggered off to Waterloo. Nearly got run over at the Strand by a taxi. I gave him a torrent of wise words not letting him get a word in as I told him in no uncertain terms that a green light means "proceed with caution" and "not accelerate" at anyone still trying to cross in the half a second that traffic light designers the world over seem to think is sufficient time for pedestrians to cross. One chap crossing with me said "nice one" and "you told 'im" and "mind how you go mate". I was just thinking I should calm down a bit.

Came home, phoned Ari. Then tried to watch space documentary I recorded on Thursday but couldn't follow it, so I went to bed for a few hours. Woke-up finished watching it, then watched Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children)... Which was OK. CGI looks wonderful but those swords are way too big and there was way too many people defying gravity... It all got a bit silly in the end.

Right now I should be clearing up the flat. It's a bit of a state but I feel pretty crap still... Probably shouldn't of had all that beer over the weekend.

Ari arrives tomorrow night and I'm running out of time to get ready. I have to meet my uncle tomorrow... in a pub = more beer.

So the plan is... Clear up kitchen, Hall, Bedroom today. Then tomorrow. Be at the launderette when it opens at 9 am. Do washing quick as I can, dump it all back home, then off to London to meet uncle. Come home, get myself ready, one last tidy up then off to the airport to meet Ari.

I wonder if the launderette is open today??? Hmmm... I'll go look.