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Back from Whitby. Drove back late last night. I think I went to bed around 4am. I woke up a 2pm. After the best dream I've ever had. Ari and I were wandering around this maze of a book shop... It was huge, and the rooms changed as you left them, doors vanished, you could walk into a room turn around and the door had gone. Best of all what ever you read came to life in the shop. The history section had people sword fighting and sailing ships crashing through the wall (that was the visit to Whitby museum that did that), the history of costume section had people in period dress wandering around in there. It got stranger but there's no way I'm putting that on a public blog.

Had a lazy day... what little was left of it once I'd got up. Ari was up around 8:30 am and amused herself by working her way through my DVD collection.

Thought I'd phone my solicitor... Just as well I did. I thought I'd see how things were going and make sure he really did all the paperwork he needed... He didn't exactly say "oh have I got everything? I had better get started then"... but that was pretty much what the situation seems to be. Doesn't look as if I'll be in Texas for Christmas then.... Arse!

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