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Phoned Ari at 4am this morning when she popped up on Messenger. She was very tired from the trip home... One bit of bad news one of the new kittens has a wonky leg. Hope the vet can put this right.

The new Ruth PC is (touch wood) working OK. Just need to put it back into it's case and do a couple of tweaks. Had it connected to my wireless network yesterday and ran a few tests on the ram and mobo.

Didn't get up until 3:30 this afternoon. Missed a call from my solicitor... Called him back and he says he should have all the forms by the end of the week for me to sign... And if all goes well (keeps fingers crossed, touches wood, prays to all major deities) there should be very little inheritance tax to pay. However it does look doubtful this will happen in time for me to be with Ari for Christmas.

I think I've given up with the Fat Fighters thing, all the weight I lost... I have now found again.

Letting agents look as if they are on track to be late with the rent payment for the 5th month running.

Finger is healing but sore.

Plans for tomorrow.

Get up early. (I.E. before 3:30pm)
Go to storage unit pick up books to take to Treadwells and take down another shelving unit if possible.
Go to the council dump.
Drop in on Dave M for coffee. (Are you going to be in?)

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