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I couldn't get back to sleep after the nightmare, I wish I could remember what it was about. So I thought I'd go to the 24 hour supermarket and stock up for the weekend and not have to deal with the hordes. I love shopping at 6:30 am I get the pick of the veg, fresh baked bread and a more relaxed attitude from the staff and fellow shoppers.

How about this for synchronicity? Just before I left I'd been saying to fatenoir how dumb drivers can be in the UK... Then when I popped out to the supermarket I met two fools. One who didn't think I should slow down when the second fool clearly hadn't seen me (or wasn't bothered that he didn't have the right of way) on the roundabout... I was nearly sandwiched between the two idiots.

Came home from supermarket with this year's first batch of mince pies Yum! Just have time to unload the car, then head off to meet Ian of the Wyrdness and James (I don't do Blogs). We broke fast together then headed off talking geek stuff (too much Mac speak for my liking) to the computer fairs.

Today's loot includes:

160Gb HDD
USB Card reader / Pendrive that takes sony memory stick. Hope to mod into a vesta case or snuff box.
Firewire/USB External HDD case
50 Blank DVD-Rs
50 Blank CD-Rs

Tried to drop into the chandlers but got there too late. Dropped in on Christina at Treadwells to do a little book running...

Returned home on the 3:45 thus avoiding any of the rugby shenanigans in Twickenham... At least it's not football. Which reminds me... I saw a Newspaper headline that said "Roy Keane leaves United". My first thought was "who?" than "United what? United Airlines? United Nations? United We Stand? United Busses? United Arab Emirates?". It's OK I looked it up on BBC news and now I know who he is and who he plays.. sorry played for. I had to laugh at my own ignorance, there's a whole world out there I know nothing about and care about even less.

I have now how only 3 hours sleep in the last 24 hours... The power of coffee and nightmares.

I'm going to eat mince pies and watch the Cabaret Voltaire DVD that arrived while I was out.

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