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Up awake and ready to go... to Swindon.

Brief up date. While my main PC is in bits due to major cock-up last week... I decided to take it completely to bits, vacuum the half a pound of cat fur (yes Moses I'm looking at you) out of it, and upgrade the mother board. I have an ASUS A7N8X-E doing nothing due to another cock up last year. Trouble is I needed a processor for it. It takes an AMD 462 either Athlon, Athlon XP, or Duron... I hope you're taking notes because I'll be asking question when we next meet. Now as the mobo is a bit long in the tooth (for heavens sake, it's nearly a year old!) I had to go to trusty old ebay to find a processor for it. Keeping my fingers crossed it will turn up and work.

Sunday I went to see Uncle Nemesis and Bunny P. The decorating of Castle Nemesis is progressing well. And the living room is starting to look pretty good. I'm a little disturbed that he's painting it white but never mind. We went for a wander around Hounslow and Unx showed me some of his commando gardening successes. He finds little patches of mud that need a bit of TLC and just adopts them. Wearing a florescent vest no one challenges his authority. So if Hounslow is looking a little greener between all the concreted front gardens you now know who's behind it. Later we went to the very good Bunny's Tandoori (248 Hanworth Road Hounslow Middlesex TW3 3TY).

Last night I met up with Russell G in The Black Friar (one the best pub interiors in the UK if you like your Art Nouveauish). But we could linger as we were off to a recording of Just A Minute I've been wanting to go see this recorded for many years... Never thought to apply for tickets but thanks to me mentioning in passing to Demetra that I would like to... And after several failed attempts she got tickets... Just not on a night she could make. So as I owed Russell G a radio show... I asked him. Unfortunately my to favorite panellists Kenneth Williams and Derek Nimmo weren't on last night's show (due to commitments in the here-after) but it was still rather good. I was crying with laughter at several occasions.

Came home after the show wanting up-dates from Ari. Results are back and she has Graves' disease. Not good, but treatable. Strangely the treatment is also what they used for diagnosis, radioactive iodine... Earlier this year Moses (my cat) had the same problem and one of the options was radioactive iodine. Which to me sounded BLOODY DRASTIC! Now I've read a bit about this it seems like the best option for Ari. Of course I'm worried and want to be with her, but I'm stuck over here waiting for Taxman to do his stuff.

I'm off to see R.J. now.

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