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Can't sleep, my bed's one fire, don't touch me I'm a real live-wire...

Sometimes I can be so dumb. Wot no cries of "NO" and "NEVER"?

I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd read. Book of choice ASUS A7N8X-E (deluxe) motherboard manual. This is as good as bedtime gets in my flat right now. Reason I was reading it was my latest geek problem, mobo she no work. The new processor arrived but it still no work. Ian of the Wyrdness asked if I had "tried reading the manual?"... Don't be daft, I'm a man we don't read the manual until we are really stumped. Well I've just been reading the manual and jolly good it is too, I had no idea all the new fun things motherboards can do ,like chassis intrusion detection... Cool! I then had a eureka moment... PSU wattage D'OH!

I went to see Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire this afternoon. Which was pretty good. It looks wonderful.. but really needed to be about 4 hours longer to get a little more detail in from the book.

I then dashed over to Treadwells for a talk on Paganism in Edwardian Literature.

Rushed home with the hope of catching Ari at home so I could phone, much pleased when I found my Internet connection up and running (it wasn't when I left) and shortly afterward Ari was on Yahoo messenger.

Off to look at PSUs on the WWW.

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