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A very short day

Today just flashed by. OK so I didn't get up until after midday but even so...

Went to friends shop to look at wiring job her boss wanted doing. Very easy job really but had to turn it down... No way am I touching the wiring in there without replacing everything. I've never seen such a hotchpotch of mend and make do. Pity as it would have paid for the new minidisc player with digital out.

Went for coffee in very cool basement, Then headed of to Oscar Wilde / Sarah Bernhardt seminar. Met Christina found room and lecturer took one look at me and asked if I was looking for the mathematics lecture... Bloody cheek! ;-) Pah I know a darn sight more about Sarah's recordings and films than you do matey, I was able to think to myself an hour later. But to be fair that wasn't where he was coming from and I did learn quite a bit and there's a lot I want to follow up on. May even give me the kick up the bum I need to update

Did a bit more clearing up of the dreaded living room WILL THIS NEVER END? Then Ian showed up, watched "High Fidelity" again. Wondered how main character can be wearing a Bauhaus tshirt in the 80s and then listening to Bruce Springsteen in the 90s.

Must remember to ring Theater Museum archives tomorrow about Edna May.

Must get an early night.... Ooops! Too late ;-)

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