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Quick up-date

The recent PC cock-up continues to haunt me and cost money. I think I mentioned that while my main PC was in bits I thought it a good idea to up-grade the whole thing... I call it my main PC only because it's the one I use the most, it wasn't the most powerful... It was getting pretty long in the tooth. It was given to me by Paul when he went to work in the USA. Apart from having many Win-d'ohs re-installs it's been OK to me. So I'm not getting rid of it. I think I'll dedust it and pack it with all the HDDs I have around the flat and use it to sort out the tons of data I have.

The up-grade has now pretty much become a new build.

Motherboard on the way from ebay seller.
Processor arrived from ebay seller.
New case lugged home on tube and train yesterday.
New wireless keyboard and mouse lugged home on tube and train yesterday.

Trouble is I'm looking at this nice new silver case and it isn't exactly crying out to have putty coloured DVD drives put in the bays. Something tells me I'm going to have to go back to the fair and get silver ones at some point.

Today I'm off to another recording of Just A Minute. I'm meeting Andi at the British Museum then finding Russell and Carol later. If I leave soon I can drop in on Christina at Treadwells and remind her we were planning to meet for coffee tomorrow.

No news on probate... dreading a letter from the valuer. This will mean I will have to liaison between tenants and valuer. I could just get the letting agent to deal with it... Ha, ha, ha.... What are the chances they wouldn't fuck-up? I guess it's time to bite the bullet and talk to my tenants.

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