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I appear to be sitting in a very untidy, dark flat. That seems a familiar concept. What does it remind me of? Ah, I remember. Life.

(Apologies to Marvin)

Woke-up this morning
Switched on the light (There's a blues song in this)

I think it's the wiring in the chandelier in the living room, at least that's what I was switching on and where the sparks and smoke came from. "Arse!" exclaimed Pooh "that's going to be a bugger to rewire".

I can't go out and get some wire, fuses, temporary light fitting... because I'm waiting in for AmTrak to deliver what I think is my motherboard. One up shot of this mornings pyrotechnics is I have my curtains open for a rare occasion and I can see the outside world... Two police officers just walked past, looked like they'd just been shopping. Two Eastern European Nannies with baby buggies have also just gone past. Oooo! and now the dustmen are putting sacks of rubbish into the street. And it looks as if my regular post man is off work today... I don't know why I don't open the curtains more often, there's a whole world of excitement out there.

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