Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I Have No Friends...

Well that's not true, I have really good friends. Just none up this early on a Saturday morning, so I am being Nobby No-Mates down the cafe.

I am waiting for the computer fair to open so I can get new shiny stuff to squeeze in the new shiny PC. Which had its first Windows re-install last night. That has to be a record, one week!

In other news:
I have recoverd a stack of files off a DEAD-HDD of Uncle Nemesis'. Took a few work-arounds and then an all night data recovery session (while I was asleep). With any luck I can email him the info he needs off it later today.

I am pleased to see the the iPod Shuffle has been voted Top Chav Gadget. Why? Well it seems the judges don't think yer avarage chav cares too much about sound quality or being able to choose what tracks to play. What matters to yer chav is:

1. Brand Name

2. It can be seen arourd the neck. "Nah point in 'avin' it if yer can't show it off, init".

3. It is easy to use. Tested by monkeys.

James just called and is on his way. Sounds like he over did it last night. I guess lunch time beers may be out of the question ;-)

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